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Pickem Football Pool Choices

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NFL Pick'em Pick Sheet
NFL Pick'em - Picksheet

Are you still using a football spreadsheet? Or Yahoo pickem, or ESPN pickem? Why not run your pool online with us, where you get tons more features, at no cost to you? We host a variety of football pickem pools, each with their own rich set of customizable options. We support both NFL pickem pools and College pickem pools (Division 1 FBS). With our custom pickem option, you can run any type of pickem pool you want, such as NBA pickem, NHL pickem, EFL League pickem, etc. We provide foolproof NFL pick sheets and NCAA pick sheets that allows the manager to choose which football games are shown on the football pick sheet. We calculate both the weekly and season standings for the football pool, and provide a wide range of statistics including past football pickem pool champions, hall of fame records, hall of lame records, player career statistics, and more. Our standings page includes a pickem weekly leaderboard and season leaderboard, and the logged-in player's season rank. As a courtesy to our guests, we also have an NFL pick helper page that shows what football teams players are picking across the site in our various NFL Pickem pools and NFL Survivor Pools. Run your NFL pool with us!

We also have a variety of March Madness pools, and a handy custom bracket maker for any sport such as ping pong, bowling, softball tournaments, your video game tournament bracket, etc. We are one of the only providers of an NFL Mock Draft pool. Unlike most other football pool websites, ours is FREE to use, and hence the ideal pool host to run your office league or tournament.

Standard Pickem Pool

European Football Fan? Use our Custom Pickem format for your Premier League, EFL, Serie A, and others.

Our standard football pickem pools are where each player in your league picks from any configurable number of games each week, including an option to pick the Over-Under for each game. Points earned for each win is configurable on a per-game basis. Bonus points can be set up for picking 'key games', and picking underdogs. You can run a pro football pick'em, and/or a college football pick'em pool. See why managers and players say we are better than Yahoo pickem, ESPN's pigskin pickem, and the CBS pickem pool.  For more details, click here.

NFL Pick em Pool Standings Page
NFL Pick 'em Standings Page

Confidence FOOTBALL Pool

This type of pool has bene a favorite for decades. I remember filling out confidence pool pick sheets for our local newspaper when I was but a wee lad. The rules are simple. You weight each game from 1 to 16 (or however many games the office pool manager configures that week). The lower the weight, the lower your confidence in that team winning their game. You then add up the weights for each of your wins and that's your score. We do all that work for you, you just pick and weight each team. We have confidence football pools for both the NFL and NCAA college football, and for the NFL playoffs. You can learn more here.

Play Money FOOTBALL Pool

The Play Money football pool is proprietary to this site and my invention from 1992. Its what drove me to create after running a play money football pool for decades. In my opinion its the best type of online pickem football pool. The way it works is simple. You get $100 play dollars each week to bet on any number of NFL teams against the spread that you choose. Whoever ends up with the highest balance after the Super Bowl wins. Missing a week or two or three here and there doesn't end your chance of winning like it would in a traditional pickem pool. I've run a Play Money pool for decades, and not once has the winner been decided before the Super Bowl.  In fact, often the 4th quarter of a Super Bowl is when the winner starts to materialize. We had several seasons where the person in last place with 4 weeks to go ended up winning the whole thing. This can happen if the player strings together a stretch of 3 or more straight weeks of betting all their balance and hitting their pick(s). Click here to learn more about Play Money football pools.

NFL Football Pickem Data
NFL Pickem Chart

Perfect 7 FOOTBALL Pickem Pool

Our Perfect 7 football pick'em pools are gaining in popularity because of their ease-of-use and the fun lottery feel they provide. Each week players pick from a selection of 7 games, and if they pick all 7 correctly they win whatever prize has accumulated up to that point in the season (they would split the prize with anyone else who also picked all 7 correctly). If no one picks all 7 for the week, the pot transfers to the following week. There is little pressure to get your picks in every week, other than missing out on that one time you might have picked all games correctly and won the jackpot. Interest in the league grows as the pot gets larger, just as occurs when a lottery builds up. Further details are available here.

Rankem FOOTBALL Pool

This is another pool that has been around for a long time. We currently offer an NFL Playoff Rankem pool where each player ranks the playoff teams from 1 to the number of teams. Each time the team wins in the playoffs, the player earns the points placed on that team. The typical strategy is to put the highest value on the team that ultimately wins the Super Bowl. Sometimes however, players can win by placing high points on an upset winner, even if that team doesn't advance further, since the logic is that most other players used a low point value on that team. Note that you can also create a custom rankem pool for any kind of tournament, such as for an NBA playoff pool or an NHL Stanley Cup pool.

March Madness Pick-X Pool

Our March Madness Pick-X pool is similar to our NFL Playoff Rankem pool. Each player picks a specified number of games, and as the tournament progresses the players earns the seed value for the team each time it wins. This has proven to be a good alternative to those who don't want to mess with a full 64-bracket March Madness pool.

NFL Mock Draft Pool

The only one of its kind, where each pool participant selects the college players they believe will be selected in the first round of the NFL draft. Scoring is done by earning points based on how close you are to selecting where the college player is drafted. You can learn more about our NFL Mock Draft pool here.


As an alternative to our variety of football pickem pools, we are simply the best online survivor pool host on the internet, you'll especially be impressed with the detailed NFL survivor pool data and stats we provide.


A "prop bet" pool is where you configure questions that players answer and earn points for each correct answer. This type of pickem pool is escpecially popular for the Super Bowl, but is also ideal for any major sporting event. It can also be used for non-sporting events such as the Oscars, an election pool, a beauty contest, etc.


With our free bracket generator tool, you can create a tourney pick'em pool where you build the bracket, then invite players to pick the teams in the bracket tournament they think will win. You can configure the league to any size from a 4-team bracket, 8-team bracket, up to a 32-team bracket pool. Our sports pool software even lets you run a double elimination bracket. You can configure your league to run as a traditional tourney bracket where your players pick the winners throughout the tournament, or you can configure your pool as a rankem league where players place a rank on each team and score each time that team advances in the tournament.


If you simply need a blank picks sheet for pro or college football, see our Football Pick Sheets page.