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NFL Perfect 7 Pick'em Pool

A new weekly pick'em "lotto-style" pool

Each week the manager selects 7 NFL games and the only way to win is to correctly pick all 7 games. If no entries correctly pick all 7, the prize pot rolls over to the next week and players have to re-enter again to try to win, similar to a state lottery. It is a week-by-week contest so players can come and go as they like and there is no season long commitment. Create a Perfect 7 pick'em football league today.

Pickem Standings Page
Standings Page

How Perfect 7 Pick'em Pools Work

  • Each week you are provided 7 games to pick from.
  • You must pick all 7 games correctly to win the jackpot.
  • If there are no winners, the jackpot continues to grow.
  • Multiple winners split the jackpot.
  • If there are no winners in the last week of the regular season, the jackpot goes to the player with the most wins throughout the season.

What Players Get

  • Easy pick sheet to select teams, including quick pick option to select all home teams or favorites.
  • Standings page that includes the accumulated jackpot, and your overall win/loss pct, total points, trend graph, and player's picks for the week.
  • Display of Weekly winnings.
  • Comprehensive, life-long stats on your pick'em league and your individual performance.
  • Trophy case for all past 1st through 3rd place finishes across all leagues.
  • Possible inclusion in the Pickem Hall of Fame and Hall of Lame.

Pool Manager Configuration Options

  • Select games to appear on the pick sheet each week.
  • Configure required number of wins (e.g. you could make it a 'Pick 8' pool, or even a 'Pick 10 out of 12' pool).
  • Configuring the "jackpot" that builds each week using a % of player fees (default is 100%).
  • Specifying final season prizes for most wins.
  • One custom prize, where you name the prize and set the winner when appropriate (for example, "highest weekly pick'em total").
  • Allow your players to use up to 16 clones to make picks to increase their chances of winning.
  • Optional AutoPick feature that generates picks for players who missed the deadline.
  • NFL Pick'em Player Accounts
    Player Accounts
  • Ability to customize the Perfect 7 Pickem Pool Rules page for your league.
  • Tracking of player league fees and per-player note annotation (e.g. "this player gave me a check on Tuesday"), and optional notification to the player when they log in to the site if they have a balance due.
  • Set up your league to accept credit card payments for your league fee. This requires you to set up a PayPal free business account that you can link to your bank.
  • Office football pool branding - add your own logo and background colors to your league. You also get your own branded login page.

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