About Us

Our site began in 2012 and has grown rapidly since inception, now hosting thousands of leagues. The site was the end result of growing tired of manually entering in picks into a spreadsheet to track a Play Money pool that a couple engineers and I invented back in 1992, a pool that is still going strong!

We are a small family operation of three software developers (father, son, daughter) and have several admins who manage our forum and Help Desk. We have decades of coding experience among us and nearly as much experience running football pools.

We are very receptive to user suggestions. We love incorporating your ideas that ultimately benefit everyone!

Our most popular office pool is the Survivor Pool, with Pickem & Confidence pools a close second. Players also enjoy our proprietary Play Money pool and March Madness Pools. Our NFL Mock Draft Pool was introduced in 2016 and is now the most popular option on the net. We introduced our custom bracket maker for tournaments in 2020 and its currently the most popular free option on the net. Check out the latest tournament brackets hosted on our site.

Our site is built using ASP.NET, and our database server uses Postgresql. Our databases are extremely secure.

We pride ourselves in our quick response time to your help desk questions/issues, usually answering within an hour.

Our site is intended for Entertainment only.  It must be in the spirit of entertainment and not gambling, such as the case with small office pools and other friendly groups.

The best news is that our site is FREE to run your pool or build and print your tournament bracket! We generate most of our revenue with site ads. We do offer several premium services, which include ad removal and custom branding. Be sure to check our 100% guaranteed refund policy on the Premium Services page.

Best regards,
Fred Williams •  Linkedin
Site Owner/Operator