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Custom RANKEM League

Create and Run any type of rank'em league online! Ideal for any kind of bracket tournament, such as the NASCAR Cup playoffs, NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, NBA playoffs, or even your video game tournament.

Bracket Picks page
Bracket Pick Sheet
  • You can create up to a 32-team bracket.
  • Easily fill in the teams you want into the first round matches of your custom bracket.
  • Players who join your league submit their rankem picks using our foolproof pick sheet.
  • The league manager is responsible for advancing the bracket match winners, either by click or entering a score for each game in the bracket tournament.
  • We provide a Standings page that is automatically updated with player results when you advance a team in the tournament.
  • Our team usage page displays a bar chart showing how much each team/participant has been selected by members in your league who have submitted rankem picks.
  • Players in your league are sent an automatic pick reminder 24 hours before your league deadline.
  • Comprehensive, life-long stats on your league.
  • Our database is extremely secure so you can trust the pool configuration and player's picks are safe.
Bracket Poll Results page
Bracket Team Usage
The office pool manager can:
  • Configure the size of the bracket tournament (from 4 to 32 teams), single or double elimination, simple or modern layout, theme, seeds, and team names.
  • Configure the number of teams the players in your pool will be required to rank.
  • Manage player or team fees on our Player Accounts page.
  • Assign prizes to winners of your rankem bracket pool.
  • Use the color selectors to choose your own colors for bracket, seed, and text.
  • Ability to print your league bracket or save as a PDF file.
  • Headline Manager that allows you to display a fully customizable collapsible headline above your tournament bracket page The full-featured editor allows you to upload or link to your own pictures and graphics.
  • Ability to customize the tournament bracket rules page for your league.
  • Customize tie-breaker to whatever is appropriate for you league. For example, 'Total goals scored in Frozen 4', 'Total points scored in entire tournament', etc.
  • Make your tournament bracket look like your own site with our branding feature. You get your own login page, and can upload a logo and change background colors.

For tips on how to create the ultimate bracket for your tourney, see our blog post How to Make a Tournament Bracket.

          Create Custom Rankem Pool

Here are some of the different types of tournaments that you can run as an office rankem pool:

  • PGA Golf Tournament
  • NASCAR Cup Playoffs pool
  • NBA Playoffs rankem pool
  • NHL Stanley Cup Pool
  • US Open Cup pool
  • Video Gaming bracket pool
  • FIFA World Cup Pool