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NFL Play Money Pool

Our renowned, proprietary NFL Play Money pool, online for over 20 years!

This fun NFL betting pool has been extremely well-received by those who play it and will keep your interest for the entire year. You can do badly for most the year and still have a chance to win the football pool by hitting big bets to close out the season. For example, if you bet all your play money on one game with a "plus 6" on it, and hit 4 weeks in a row, you'll go from 100 to 12,100 in play money! Try out our public league, or create your own and get'er done!

Play Money Standings
Play Money Standings
  • You get 100 play dollars each week. You can bet as much as you have accumulated.
  • Create and use clones to fill out multiple pick sheets without having to create separate accounts (clones must be enabled by the manager)
  • Bet against the spread, or the over/under.
  • Add a "plus 6" to the spread to double your play money. For example, if Denver is favored by 3 and you put a 'plus 6' on Denver, you double your winnings if they win by 10 or more.
  • Final Season grand prize for player with most play money after the Super Bowl.
  • Optional AutoPick feature that generates picks for players who missed the deadline. Players can configure their autopick team, wage, whether or not its a +6, etc.
  • Play Money Picks
    Play Money Player Picks
  • Final season prizes for best winning %, longest winning streak, longest losing streak, etc. You can also have prizes for second through fourth place in total play money balance and winning %.
  • GameDay page with real-time updates that flashes winning picks green.
  • You can set up weekly prizes, with higher values during the playoffs.
  • Four different "carrots along the road" that trigger when a player hits certain milestones.
  • Email reminder to submit picks before the league deadline.
  • Comprehensive, life-long stats for your office pool and your individual performance, including possible inclusion in the Hall of Fame and Hall of Lame.
  • Tracking of player league fees, per-player note annotation (e.g. "player paid me cash on Tuesday"), and optional notification to the player when they log in to the site if they have a balance due. You can also configure your play money pickem pool to be weekly, where weekly cost for a player is updated only for those weeks they submit picks.
  • Pool Branding, which allows you to give the site your own look & feel, including your own custom login page for your office football pool.
  • Our database is extremely secure.

See our Play Money Football vs Fantasy Football article and see if you agree with us why you'll find this as enjoyable as fantasy football, or even more so!

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