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The Best Online Football Office Pool Manager

Are you looking for a free football office pool manager? As the leading office pool website, we offer a number of different fantasy football survivor leagues, football pick'em leagues, NFL football pool sheets, and a lot more! We provide a number of different features, more competition, and convenient multi-league play. We also keep our website updated with football pool results so you can keep track of your progress, no matter the number of office football pools you are in. You can make picks with confidence as our database is extremely secure. Find out more about our survivor pools, or our diverse variety of football pickem pools. Our charts and manager tools far exceed what you will find at poolhost, officefootballpool, run your pool, and other competitors. We are simply the best host for your office football pool, march madness pool, or tournament bracket!

Better Than Fantasy Football?

More and more people are choosing our online football pools over fantasy football. Here are some of the reasons why our office pool hosting continues to grow in popularity:

Faster than Fantasy. Both our football Survivor and Play Money pools only require you to select one team per week to compete (in our Play Money office pool you can select as many games as you want). Managers can also enable auto-pick so if a player forgets to turn in their picks that week, they will be generated for them. The player can also choose the type of auto-pick, such as biggest favorite(s). Auto-pick is also available for our popular Pickem football leagues.

More competition. Fantasy leagues are typically no bigger than 16 people because of the limited number of quarterbacks, running backs, etc. In our football pools, you are picking teams instead of players, which means you can compete against a lot more people. We have quite a few private online pickem and survivor leagues exceeding 100 players, our largest has over 700 players!

Your Own Personal Stats. During the course of a season, and over the course of your entire career, we track specific stats such as your win-loss record, how impressive your picks are (Strength of Victory), your longest winning and losing streaks, and more.

Easy Multi-league play. You can easily switch between any number of leagues you wish to play in, such as between your own league and our free public OfficePoolStop Pickem Challenge football pool, OfficePoolStop Survivor Challenge league, and OfficePoolStop Play Money Challenge league.

Multiple clones: You can improve your odds of winning by making multiple survivor or pickem pool picks using up to 4 clones of yourself (if so configured by the league manager). Also works great for filling out multiple March Madness brackets.

See our Yahoo pickem comparison page, and be sure to also check out our Survivor Football vs Fantasy Football and Play Money Football vs Fantasy Football articles.

If you are tired of running your pool with spreadsheets or using feature-limited sites such as Yahoo pickem and ESPN pigskin pickem, there is not a better place to host your pool, so start today!

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