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Survivor Football vs Fantasy Football

Outlive your opponents with our Survivor Football Leagues. Prefer more competition? Then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for! A survivor football pool is called the last man standing for good reason. It works quite simply. Explore the rules of the game here and gear up.

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Why create a Survivor League?

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1) A Survivor Football pool, also known as a knockout pool, elimination pool, suicide pool, last man standing pool, or a survivor pick 'em pool, is a competition among participants to see who will outlast their opponents during the regular football season. The premise is simple: each week you pick one team to win their game. If your team wins, you stay in the competition; if they lose, you're out! (maybe, stay tuned...)

2) Survivor Football is fast and does NOT require a lot of your time. The concept is simple: pick 1 football team to win their game for that week. If they win, you stay in; if they lose, you're out! (unless... well, to spice things up your league can be configured with a 2nd place bracket, and/or buybacks!). Picks can be made in less than 1 minute. No worrying about a single player's injury or bye weeks to replace a position. Your football survivor pool can also be configured with the AutoPick feature, which will make a pick for you if you forget. If the manager allows it, you get to choose if your AutoPick is the favorite for that week.

3) Survivor pools allow for more competition in your league: Since you pick a team to win and not individual players from a team, you can have far more members in your league. Fantasy Football leagues typically max out at 16 teams, the league size being limited based on the number of available starters and skill players. Survivor allows you to have tons more players. In fact, leagues with hundreds, even thousands, of entries/picks are possible with Survivor leagues!

4) Running a survivor pool is SO simple: Almost everything is done for you by In fact, the biggest 'job' that you will have as commissioner of a league is making occassional updates to your league homepage for your members to read that keeps them up to date, or occasional taunts to individuals in your own private league forum who lost because of a 'bad call' by the ref for that week, etc. But watch out, they can respond back!

If you're not ready to run your own survivor league, give our free OfficePoolStop Survivor Challenge pool a try, we even pay a prize to the winner.