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Looking for an alternative to Yahoo Pickem?

Over the years many former Yahoo football pickem pool managers have told us they were thrilled to find our website to host their football pickem pools. Our site goes well beyond not just yahoo pickem but also CBS pickem and ESPN's fantasy football pigskin pickem. Moreover, we exceed paid pickem sites given the huge set of features we offer, all while keeping our pool host as a FREE service! We are better in everything from more eye-appealing picksheets and standings pages and charts, to very useful configuration options and manager tools. We also offer a variety of pickem pool types to choose from for both pro football pickem and college football pickem leagues. Running an NFL pickem or a college pickem has never been easier and we're convinced you'll find our site as your best option!


Why We are Better Than Yahoo Football Pickem

We are convinced you will be overwhelmed by the sheer number of features we have that go well beyond what you will find using Yahoo as your NFL pick'em football pool host. Just for starters, here are some popular manager tools to help run your football pool:

  • Player accounts page, where you can track player fees, weekly prizes, etc. You can also configure weekly prizes such as 1st through 3rd place finish to automatically update on the Standings page and the player accounts page. As a Premium option you can even integrate credit card payments on the site for your league!
  • Email tracking that shows you who has seen your league emails and invites, and who has opened them. For those who did not see or open the email, you can copy or export those email addresses to use with your own email program such as gmail.
Office Pool Accounts Page
Pool Manager Accounts Page
Office Pool Email Log
Pool Manager Email Log
  • Customizable Homepage - As a league Manager you get to also fully customize your pickem pool's homepage, which is the first page players see when they login.
  • Headline Manager - You can add a different 'Headline' each week to the pickem pool's Standings page (its a collapsible that pushes down the page when players click on it). These headlines do not perish, they'll always be there for those who love to revisit a prior week or year to see the headline for that week!
Office Pool Home Page
Football Pickem Pool Homepage
Office Pool Headline Manager
Pickem Football Pool Headline Manager
  • User-Friendly Football Picksheet is easy to use and extremely secure. It includes a chart of the most popular football teams picked that week.
  • User-Friendly Standings Page not only shows weekly and season standings and other player's football picks, it also show player trends over the course of the season.
Pickem Football Picksheet
Football Pickem Picksheet
Office Football Pickem Standings
Pickem Football Standings Page
  • Eye-Popping Charts to help you make your picks. We also provide an NFL Dashboard that includes the latest NFL Power rankings and our ATS pick of the week.
  • User-Friendly Standings Page not only shows weekly and season standings and other player's football picks, it also show player trends over the course of the season.
Pickem Football Trends
Football Pickem Player Trend Chart
Office Football Pickem Team Usage
Pickem Football Picked Teams Chart
Office Football Pickem Team Quality
Pickem Football Team Quality Chart

There are many other features our pickem leagues offer, such as configuring a 'jackpot' pool as a side pool in your pickem league to keep players interested throughout the year. The jackpot grows each week until a player successfully picks 12 games (or whatever the manager configures) in a week.

I hope you can see why we are the best Yahoo pickem alternative to host your pickem pool.  We also easily beat ESPN pick'em and CBS pick'em pools based on feedback from managers who left those sites and now run their NFL pick'em leagues at officepoolstop. The best thing to do at this point is to create a pickem league and mess around with the various settings.  Feel free to also take our Pickem Tour.