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Below is the My Picks page for an NFL survivor football pool in 2020 (also called suicide pool or elimination pool). The picks page includes a chart to help the player make their survivor pick (the league manager can control whether or not this chart is shown to players).  The player in the example below has also joined several of his clones to the league. Clones allow a player to make additional survivor picks independently but under one parent identity, thus preventing the need for a player to use multiple logins. Each clone will appear independently in the survivor pool standings. The manager has to enable clones for players to use this feature.

Joe Schmoe's Survivor Pool

Picks due: Monday Jun 24, 1:29 AM MST

  • Pick one team below to win.
  • The line is shown as a convenience only. The favored team is indicated by (F).
  • The league stats page shows trends that can help you decide your pick.
Submit picks for:   
Be sure to enter the pick for the above player via the 'Submit Pick' button. You can then return to this page and select another player/clone to pick for.
   Week of January 24 Joe Schmoe
Away Line Home
  Buccaneers (F)
+4.0   Packers
  Bills (F)
+3.0   Chiefs


Disabled in demo mode!