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Premier League Office Pools

Did you know you can run a Premier league office pool with your friends, family, or co-workers using our website, at no cost to you or your pals? We do a majority of the work to help you run your pool, which includes foolproof pick sheets, a standings page, player management tools, and so much more. Below are the most popular options to choose from.

Weekly Pickem Pool

Use our Custom Pickem option to run a weekly pickem pool where you configure which games your players will choose from. You have various options which include setting the spread, assigning point values earned for each game picked correctly, bonus points for picking underdogs, etc.

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Weekly Prop Bet Pool (Q&A pool)

Our prop bet pool format is very popular among European football office pools. As manager you configure questions such as "which team will score the most points this week", or "which player will score the first goal in the Liverpool vs Manchester United game?", or "Will Chelsea score more than 2 goals against Manchester City? Each week you enter the results and the standings automatically update based on your players selections. The questions you can configure for your pool are limitless to your imagination!

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Premier League Bracket Pool

You may find our tournament bracket option especially useful when Premier League teams compete in the FA cup and other tournaments. You can use our renowned free bracket maker to configure and run an FA tournament office pool. You can run either a traditional bracket tournament, or use a rankem format where your players place a rank on the team before the start of the tourney, and earn points they assigned to the team each time the team wins.

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For any pool foramt, you get several handy manager pages where you can see who clicked on your sign-up email, keep track of who has paid their league fees, and much more.

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