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NFL Survivor Pool

The Best NFL Football Survivor Pool. Our Pool Host is FREE to use!

One football pool that has been gaining popularity over the years is NFL Survivor Football (a.k.a. knockout pool, last man standing, suicide pool, eliminator pool). We offer a user-friendly Survivor Pool with an extensive number of features to keep you entertained. You can use up to 3 lives before being eliminated, and set a buyback cost for each life. The configuration options also allow you to specify season ending prizes for 1st through to 4th place. Create a survivor pool or join an existing league today. We're the ideal place to run your NFL survivor pool, and best of all our football pool host site is FREE!

Survivor Pool Strategy: The public can now view chart data of all survivor pool picks made across the site each week of the NFL season. This data is already available to members who are in one of our NFL survivor leagues!

Survivor Football Standings Page
NFL Survivor Pool Standings Page

How Do Survivor Pools Work

Each week you pick ONE team. If they win, you're still alive. If they lose, you're out (or will need to buy back in, if configured). The last player standing wins! It's that simple!

What Players Get

  • Create and use clones to fill out multiple pick sheets without having to create separate accounts (clones must be enabled by the manager)
  • Standings page that shows the survivor and eliminated count and each player's picks through the season.
  • GameDay page with real-time updates that flashes each player's pick green if winning, or red if losing.
  • Total prize information regularly updated based on player buy-in and buybacks.
  • In-depth statistics and charts to help you make your survivor pick each week. We provide a pareto chart of the current week's picks, a chart of teams picked and picked against, and a quality chart of how well teams do when picked. You can display charts for your league or for all leagues combined.
  • Survivor Pool Data Charts
    Survivor Pool Statistics & Charts
  • Email reminder one day before league deadline or first game of week to submit survivor pick(s).
  • Comprehensive, life-long stats on your survivor pool and your individual performance.
  • Trophy case for all past 1st through 3rd place finishes across all leagues.
  • Possible inclusion in the Hall of Fame and Hall of Lame.
  • Your pick is safe in our extremely secure database.

Manager Configuration Options

  • Up to 3 lives before player is eliminated. A buyback cost can be set for each additional life.
  • Buyback option for players who lose a life.
  • 2nd place bracket to allow players who lose a life to compete for 2nd place. Once their losses equal the number of lives configured, they are out for good. The 1st place winner does not compete in the 2nd place pool.
  • Configure the number of times the same team can be used. The default is 1, which means once a player uses a team, they can’t use them again.
  • Require players to make TWO picks per week. Some managers like to enable this in the final weeks of the regular season to force attrition.
  • Specifying season-ending prizes for 1st through 4th place, and best overall strength of victory.   Survivor Football SoV Help
  • Ability to customize the Survivor Pool Rules page for your league.
  • Configure as a losers pool. In this case, a loss and you're still alive. Cleveland Browns fans should have a field day. :)
  • Survivor Football Player Accounts
    Player Accounts
  • Configure whether or not your league continues through the post season.
  • Optional AutoPick feature that generates picks for players who missed the deadline.
  • Allow players to create up to 16 clones that can be used to make additional picks to increase their odds of winning the survivor pool.
  • Customizable "League Headlines" you can display at the top of your survivor pool Standings Page in a collapsible.
  • Tracking of player league fees, per-player note annotation (e.g. "player paid cash on Monday"), and optional notification to the player when they log in to the site if they have a balance due.
  • Accept credit card payments for your league fee. This requires you to set up a free Pay Pay business account.
  • Branding your NFL survivor league to your own look&feel. You can set your own background colors and upload a custom logo. You also get your own custom login page.

Check out our Survivor Football vs Fantasy Football article to see if you agree with us why you should replace or augment your online fun with a free survivor pool!

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