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EFL Pickem Pool

The best place online to run your EFL Football Pool!
If you are looking for a way to run an English Football League office pool, you've come to the right place! With our Custom Pickem League option, you can run a weekly pickem pool for EFL Premier, EFL League One, or EFL League Two with your office co-workers and friends. Our custom pickem option leverages all the features that come with our popular NFL Pickem pool. So you'll get a foolproof pick sheet, a leader board, full standings page, and a ton more. The best part, our service is free to use!

As the pool manager, you'll add games to the pick sheet for your players to choose from. You'll also be responsible for entering in the scores of each game. Once a game score is entered, the leaderboard and standings page is automatically updated within seconds.
For post-season action, you have several options. You can use our renowned Bracket Maker for tournament-style play, our Tournament Rankem format, or our very flexible Prop Bet (Q&A) pool.
Football Pickem, Player Picks
Football Pick'em, Player's Picks

Here's a quick rundown of our pickem pool features:

  • Easy pick sheet to select teams, including quick pick option to select all home teams or favorites. The pick sheet is 100% secure and foolproof.
  • Display of pick'em weekly results and winnings.
  • Email reminder to submit soccer pool picks before the league's deadline.
  • Comprehensive, life-long stats on your soccer pick'em league and your individual performance.
  • Trophy case for all past 1st through 3rd place finishes across all EFL pools.
  • Possible inclusion in the Pickem Hall of Fame and Hall of Lame.
  • Easily download or print your picks and/or the EFL pickem standings page.

Pool Manager Configuration Options

  • Setting the pickem pool to be straight up or against the spread.
  • Specifying point values for each game (the default is 1 point on each game).
  • Specifying an exact number of pickem games to pick (default is all games). Run a Pick 5 football pool, Pick 7 football pool, Pick 10 football pool, etc.
  • Selecting which games your league picks each week.
  • Optional "Key Games" feature for each game where players are awarded extra points for games they pick correctly and had check-marked as a key game.
  • Pickem Pool Player Accounts
    Player Accounts
  • Optional bonus points for correctly picking an underdog.
  • Optional bonus points for picking perfect tie-breaker.
  • Allow your players to create up to 16 clones to use to fill out separate EFL pick'em sheets to increase their odds of winning.
  • Specifying weekly and end-of-season prizes, such as 1st to 3rd place, best winning %, etc.
  • One custom prize, where you name the prize and set the winner when appropriate (for example, "highest weekly pick em total").
  • Ability to customize the Pickem Pool Rules page for your league.
  • "Bye" week feature that subtracts the worst week from a player's total points.
  • Tracking of player pool fees and per-player note annotation.
  • EFL pool branding - add your own logo and background colors to your EFL pick'em league.
  • Download your pickem league's standings to an excel spreadsheet.

All this at NO COST to you! Create a league and give us a try!

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