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FOOTBALL Pickem Pool Rules

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  1. Each player picks a manager-configured number of games for the week (or season if college bowl pool), either straight up or against the spread. Points are awarded for each correct pick (a win is worth 1 by default, or more if configured by the manager). If the game ends in a tie, 1/2 the assigned point value is awarded. The player with the most points at the end of the season wins the pickem football pool.
  2.  If the league is configured with a specified number of "key games", each player places a checkmark by those games they have the most confidence in getting right, and for each key game picked correctly, the player gets the configured value as extra points toward his overall total.
  3. If the pool is configured with the Over-Under option on the pick sheet, players earn additional points (as configured by the manager) for correctly picking the game's over/under.
  4. Each week you select one tie-breaker game by guessing the total points scored in the game, or margin of victory if so configured. This is used to break ties during the week for any weekly prizes. A running total is also kept of your tie-breakers. A prize can be established for the player with the lowest aggregate tie-breaker total at the end of the season. If configured, players can also earn bonus points for picking the exact tie-breaker.
  5. You must have your football game picks in by the deadline established by the league manager. After you submit your picks, you can edit them provided 1) the league's configured deadline has not past, 2) the configured grace period has not elapsed, 3) a game has not started that you already picked.
  6. If you do not get your picks submitted before an early game (such as a Thursday game), you can still submit picks provided the configured league deadline is sometime after the game.
  7. If your league has AutoPick enabled and you miss the deadline, and you haven't exceeded the configured number of weeks allowed for having AutoPicks generated, then you will receive automated picks for that week. If permitted by the league manager, you can override the league setting and choose your own default AutoPick type under 'My Settings'. Note that any auto pick made during the week, such as a missed pick for the Thursday night game, counts as a full week used toward the allowed number of AutoPick weeks, even though only one game was Auto-picked. The auto-pick tie-breaker is 40.
  8. If your pickem pool is configured with a "bye" week, your worst week during the regular season will be subtracted from your total points. See our bye week article for more details.
  9. If your league is configured with a 'Perfect X' jackpot, in order to win the prize jackpot you must pick all required games correctly. If more than one player wins the jackpot, the winnings are split evenly. If no winners, the prize pot rolls over to the next week and players have to re-enter again to try to win.
  10. If the pickem pool is configured to pick against the spread:
    • If the game is 'OFF' a pick is not allowed for that game.
    • The line (or spread) is usually out by Tuesday AM. If the line moves by 1 or more points for a game it will be updated, so its possible for some players to have a different line on such games.


(Default, manager can change order)

Weekly prizes
1) Best tie-breaker for the week (the player closest to guessing the total points scored in the tie-breaker game)
2) Best strength of victory for the week  Help
3) Best season winning %
4) Best total tie-breakers  Help

Final Standings, Total Points
1) Best season winning %
2) Best overall strength of victory  Help
3) Best total tie-breakers  Help

All Other Final Season Prizes excluding Total Points Standings
1) Best overall winning %
2) Best overall strength of victory  Help
3) Best total tie-breakers  Help
4) Highest point total