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Kentucky Derby Pool

Prop Pool Pick sheet
Prop Pool Pick Sheet

If you are looking to run a Kentucky Derby office pool from your friends, family and/or co-workers, you've come to the right place! Running a pool can be the most exciting part of hosting a Kentucky derby party (see 8 Best Kentucky Derby Party Ideas - How to Throw a Fun Derby Party).

'Prop Bet' Format

Our Prop Bet (Q&A) pool format is ideal for special events such as the Kentucky Derby, that has millions of interested viewers the first Saturday of May each year. You simply set up a set of questions that your pool members answer, scoring points for getting answers correct. For example, 'Which horse will win the Kentucky Derby?". You then assign up to 8 multiple choice answers, where each answer can have different point values. You can even have 'None of the Above' to cover all possibilities. Other examples include "What will be the gender of the winning Jockey", "Will Secretariat's record be broken", "What will the margin of victory be", where answers could be 'Dead Heat', '1/2 length to 1 length', '1 to 5 lengths', 'more than 5 lengths'. The options are limitless!

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