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Custom Confidence Pool

Run a confidence pool for any kind of sport

You can create any sport-specific confidence/rankem pool where you add the teams, enter the scores, and we do the rest. Players submit picks by selecting from your list of teams/athletes and ranking them from 1 to 16 (configurable from 4 to 32).

For example, if you want to run a PGA Golf pool, a NASCAR pool, a Premier League or EFL League pool, you simply add the teams one time only. Players then rank the players and submit their picks. After the event, you enter in the event results, and from that point everything else is automated such as updating the Standings. We do all of this at no cost!  The uses are endless, e.g. setting up a confidence pool for the World Cup, Oscars, Ultimate Fighting, NBA, NHL, XFL, USFL, FIFA, EPL, EFL, Serie A, and UEFA pickem pools.

Check out our NFL Confidence Pool page for an idea of most of the features you'll get.

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Custom Pickem Pool

As an alternative, you can also consider a custom pickem pool. Click here for details.

Q&A Pool ("Prop Bet")

Many pool managers also like our Custom Prop Bet format, where you configure questions each week that your players answer on their pick sheet, and earn points base on the points values you assign to the answers. You are allowed to configure up to 8 multiple choice answers. For details, see our Prop Bet pool page.