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Margin Football Pool Rules

  1. Each player chooses one NFL team each week. You get the number of points the team wins or loses by.  If the team wins by 14, you get +14. If they lose by 10, you get -10 (this is also referred to as Strength of Victory).
  2. You can only pick a team once throughout the season (managers have the ability to set this higher).
  3. Points are kept throughout the season. Unlike a survivor pool, you will not get eliminated if you pick a losing team, you just get their negative points lost by.
  4. You must have your pick in by the deadline established by the league manager. After you submit your pick, you can change it provided 1) the league's configured deadline has not past, 2) the configured grace period  has not elapsed, 3) a game has not started that you already picked.
  5. If your league has AutoPick enabled and you miss the deadline, a pick will be made for you provided you haven't exceeded the configured number of weeks allowed for AutoPick generation. If allowed by the league manager, you can override the league setting and choose your own default AutoPick type under 'My Settings'.


If players end up tied with the same points (strength of victory), then the player with the most wins wins the tie-breaker.