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Custom Q&A (Prop BET) League

Create a free Q&A prop bet pool where players answer questions you configure related to an event such as the Super Bowl, World Series, a big MMA fight, the Daytona 500, the Oscars, the Stanley Cup finals, Euroleague basketball, etc. Prop bet pools are great for any kind of scenario and you don't need to be a sports expert or enthusiast to enjoy them. Also called an office prediction pool, players score points based on how accurate their answers are following the event. You can even run your prop bet pool as a weekly pool (e.g. each week of a post season, or each week of a tournament such as the World Cup).

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What are Prop Bets?

A prop bet is a prediction of a specific outcome during an event such as the Super Bowl or the Oscars. Prop bets are normally not tied to the final outcome of the event, but instead to a detail within the event. For example, "Will the coin toss be heads or tails?", "Which movie will win best picture?", "Will there be a knockdown before the 5th round?". There are virtually an infinite number of questions that can be used in a prob bet pool.

Prop Pool Pick sheet
Prop Pool Pick Sheet

How Q&A (Prop Bet) Pools Work

  • You answer Yes/No and Multiple Choice questions before some event (e.g. the Super Bowl, the Oscars, the Masters, etc).
  • You score points based on how accurate your picks turn out to be after the event.
  • You also answer numeric tie-breaker questions that will help settle any ties.
  • The player who scores the most points after the event wins the pool!

What Players Get

  • Easy pick sheet to answer the event questions programmed by the pool manager.
  • Standings page that shows the total points earned, wins, losses, and any prizes won.
  • Comprehensive, life-long stats in your prop bet league and your individual performance.
  • Trophy case for all past 1st through 3rd place finishes across all your office pools.

Prop Pool Manager Configuration Options

  • Configure the questions for your Q&A Prop Bet pool that will be shown to players on the 'My Picks' page.
  • Configure point values to each question, and separate point values for multiple choice answers.
  • For each multiple choice question, you can configure up to 8 multiple choice answers.
  • Optionally run your pool as a weekly prop bet pool up to 22 weeks.
  • Specifying season winning prizes for most points scored.
  • One custom prize, where you name the prize and set the winner when appropriate (for example, "best tie-breakers").
  • Allow your players to use up to 16 clones to submit additional entries to increase their chances of winning.
  • Player Accounts
    Player Accounts
  • Ability to customize the Prop Bet Pool Rules page for your league.
  • Tracking of player league fees and per-player note annotation (e.g. "this player gave me a check on Tuesday"), and optional player notification if they have a balance due.
  • Set up your prediction pool to accept credit card payments for your league fee (requires a PayPal free business account).
  • Office pool branding - add your own logo and background colors to your prop bet league. You also get your own branded login page.

Create a Prop Bet League

Here are the many types of events that would be ideal for a prop bets pool:

  • Baseball All-Star Game Prop Bet Pool
  • College World Series Prop Pool
  • Cricket World Cup Pool
  • Daytona 500 Prop Pool
  • European Cup Prop Pool
  • Euroleague Prediction Pool
  • Grand Prix Prop Bet Pool
  • Indianapolis 500 Prop Pool
  • Kentucky Derby Prop Pool
  • Lacrosse Championship Prop Pool
  • Masters Prediction Pool
  • MMA Title Fight Prop Bet Pool
  • NBA Championship Prop Pool
  • NFL Mock Draft Prop Bet Pool
  • Olympics Prop Pool
  • Rugby World Cup Prop Pool
  • Oscars Pool
  • Stanley Cup Prop Bet Pool
  • Super Bowl Prop Bet Pool
  • Tour de France Prop Pool
  • Wimbledon Prop Bets Pool
  • World Cup Prop Bet Pool
  • The World Series Prop Pool
  • UEFA Champions League Prop Pool
  • UFC Fight Prop Bet Pool
  • US Open Cup Prop Bets pool