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Anyone can watch a public or private league, provided the league is active and has been configured by the manager to be visible. To watch a league you'll need to create an account. If you already have an account, log in  then select the league you want to watch. You can watch any number of leagues.

Watchable Leagues

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SurvivorOfficePoolStop Survivor ChallengeTop Survivor wins Prize13PublicWatch
PickemOfficePoolStop Pickem ChallengePrize payout to the Winner12PublicWatch
ConfidenceOfficePoolStop Confidence League 11PublicWatch
Play MoneyOfficePoolStop Play Money ChallengePick like the Pros, Win Prizes!11PublicWatch
PickemLady Bandits 04 357PrivateWatch
SurvivorLoser IslandRemember, most of you are going to lose!146PrivateWatch
PickemEI NFL Brawl 137PrivateWatch
PickemAFM Pickems 230PrivateWatch
PickemCuda Pick Ems 228PrivateWatch
PickemFootball Fanatics 125PrivateWatch
PickemFootball Fanatics 3win it all125PrivateWatch
SurvivorFishtown Survivor PoolPick em' Good120PrivateWatch
PickemRED2018 119PrivateWatch
PickemPlaying For Keeps If you ain't first, you're last! 218PrivateWatch
ConfidenceITL Playoff 2016 116PrivateWatch
PickemOliver Pickem  116PrivateWatch
SurvivorSurvivor de Schmed 2019Winners Play and Players Win!!!116PrivateWatch
PickemNOVA ASK 615PrivateWatch
PickemJessica's NFL Pool 2018R U ready for some $$$115PrivateWatch
Confidence1L Taking No Ls 114PrivateWatch
PickemBusiness ChimeEveryone can Chime in313PrivateWatch
PickemGranite Guys 112PrivateWatch
PickemFUPM Worldwide 112PrivateWatch
PickemMcKinley Pool 111PrivateWatch
ConfidenceTracey Season PoolWinner takes all each week 26110PrivateWatch
PickemChicken Pickers 110PrivateWatch
PickemSchofield  110PrivateWatch
Pickempropertymobpool 210PrivateWatch
PickemUSML Picker 'emJust Win!19PrivateWatch
Pickembobspooljust do it19PrivateWatch
SurvivorChuck Long Invitational 19PrivateWatch
Pickemmain street 18PrivateWatch
ConfidenceNCIS2018Learn Things18PrivateWatch
PickemNFL FANS in NZ High Roller 18PrivateWatch
PickemMat team  17PrivateWatch
PickemURSRBD 17PrivateWatch
PickemTerrapin Crew 67PrivateWatch
Play MoneyDegens 17PrivateWatch
PickemGeopool 17PrivateWatch
SurvivorGOBAIN 26PrivateWatch
PickemTampa Bay Poolboys 16PrivateWatch
PickemBrady BunchGood enough16PrivateWatch
Pickem2013 UFP NFL Pool 16PrivateWatch
ConfidenceHorn Family 16PrivateWatch
PickemNW PICK EM POOL 16PrivateWatch
Pickem1st Annual Bullet Club Bowl Pick Em 166PrivateWatch
ConfidenceMcGuinness Family Football 16PrivateWatch
SurvivorMcGuinness Survivor 16PrivateWatch
SurvivorBunch of Crushed Individuals 15PrivateWatch
ConfidenceEastlake bag 15PrivateWatch
PickemOn to 2015Show me those TD's25PrivateWatch
PickemJoe's Pickem Pool 15PrivateWatch
PickemGSK POOL 15PrivateWatch
PickemThe SportsJunkeys 25PrivateWatch
PickemSource Group CowboysGo Boys!15PrivateWatch
PickemAll for fun 15PrivateWatch
PickemMH Pick'emDon't pick the Browns135PrivateWatch
Play MoneyMatthews Football Pool 2018Vegas Odds15PrivateWatch
SurvivorRyan's survivor league 2 94PrivateWatch
Play MoneyBUCKEYE CITYGO BUCKS14PrivateWatch
Pickemmonday morning$514PrivateWatch
PickemCowles NFL Pool 14PrivateWatch
ConfidenceTeam Marchese 14PrivateWatch
PickemWatch My Sixno eye contact 14PrivateWatch
PickemDirty Rat 14PrivateWatch
PickemFort Myers Pick 'Em pick the most games simple14PrivateWatch
ConfidenceApex ITGeoducks 4 Life184PrivateWatch
ConfidenceGEL NFL Confidence PoolPick them Right and You Will Win14PrivateWatch
PickemA Benihana Christmas 14PrivateWatch
ConfidenceUM Blows 14PrivateWatch
PickemEdgar PickemIf you're not first you're last14PrivateWatch
PickemNFL Pick 10 To Win 14PrivateWatch
PickemNorfolk MachineFun With Football14PrivateWatch
PickemTASIS League 14PrivateWatch
SurvivorJack's No Lifeguard PoolNo Diving!14PrivateWatch
SurvivorKOTH Milaca Have fun!13PrivateWatch
Confidenceucla graveyardfix it13PrivateWatch
ConfidenceFootball Frenzy 13PrivateWatch
PickemTHEBESTLEAGUE 13PrivateWatch
PickemGesell 13PrivateWatch
PickemBFFL POOLAin't Over until all Snacks are Gone!13PrivateWatch
PickemEndzone 2 EndzoneGame on til the clock reads 0:0013PrivateWatch
PickemSoutheast 13PrivateWatch
PickemFootball Fanatics IIplay to win13PrivateWatch
PickemBayarea Footballers West is the Best 13PrivateWatch
PickemThe Jackass Pool 13PrivateWatch
PickemTessco office pool 13PrivateWatch
PickemSantezillas Step Up!Santefort Neigborhoods Rock!!!13PrivateWatch
PickemBJ's Football Forecast Society 13PrivateWatch
Play MoneyThe Association 13PrivateWatch
PickemHubCap Pool 13PrivateWatch
ConfidencePatsrule18 13PrivateWatch
PickemDavita Green Bay PoolPick em13PrivateWatch
PickemThe Gang's Pick 5 13PrivateWatch
PickemSR NFL Pick'em Pool 13PrivateWatch
PickemDrunken Rooster 13PrivateWatch
Pickem2018 HWY 401 NFL PICK'EMsHere we Go Again13PrivateWatch