March Madness PICK X Rules

  1. Before the start of the NCAA basketball tournament (excluding the play-in games), each player picks a set number of games as configured by the league manager. For each win, the player gets points equal to the team's seed value.  The manager can optionally configure bonus points depending on the round. Bonus points can also be awarded for correctly picking underdogs. The player with the most points after the NCAA basketball championship game wins.
  2. Your online March Madness pick sheet must be entered by the deadline set by the league manager. After you submit your picks, you can edit them provided 1) the league's deadline has not past, 2) the grace period has not elapsed, 3) a basketball game has not started that you already picked.

Tie-Breakers (Default, order is configurable by manager)

Final Standings, Total Points
1) Best tie-breaker on final game
2) Best overall winning %
3) Best overall strength of victory  Help