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Much of the content on our website requires you to be logged in so that you can make picks, view league standings and statistics, view player profiles, etc. You will be able to customize your profile by adding an image, listing your interests, providing a personal forum signature, etc. You can also configure up to 8 clones, which allows you to make picks under different pseudonyms to increase your chances of winning. League managers have access to a control panel that provides a vast range of options to configure their office pool.

You do not need to be in a league to view an office football pool or March Madness pool, provided the league manager has configured their league to be "watchable", which is the default. To follow a league, visit the Watch League page and find the league you want to watch/follow.

Be sure to check out our Survivor Football vs Fantasy Football and Play Money Football vs Fantasy Football articles. We also regularly update our blog with interesting insights, and use various social media such as our OfficePoolStop Twitter account to provide updates. You can also visit the OfficePoolStop Video Channel for various demos and tutorials on how to navigate the website and explore the numerous features offered.